It’s no surprise that the architecture of the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastal lands imports so seamlessly to the Phoenix real estate scene, considering the resemblance in climate and terrain.

Phoenix area Territorial-style homes offer a gorgeous blend of New World conveniences with Old World aesthetic pleasures: Low ceilings are traded for high ones in spacious entryways, kitchen/dining “great rooms,” and master suites. Tiny windows (a barrier to direct sun in pre-air-cooled Southern Italy) are enlarged for wide, horizon-sweeping views. Smooth stucco flawlessly emulates the look of thick plaster for sturdy, energy-efficient, yet elegant-looking construction. Marble and other stone on exterior and interior surfaces blend the textures of the outdoors and the indoors. Phoenix real estate of this kind includes rich, earthy browns, yellows, and reds lend a breathtaking symmetry with native plants, flowers, and our enormous deep-blue sky. Details such as a turquoise-blue front door, terra-cotta roof, rustic painted tiles, wrought-iron gates, and decorative hardware attract the eye as to the composition of a masterpiece. Central courtyards help cool the house and create a natural focal point in the home.

Pueblo, Greek Revival, Spanish, and frontier folk influences mingle gracefully in this organic home style that is native to the Southwest and a favorite among Phoenix real estate buyers. Characteristics may include:

  • Rounded exterior adobe walls offering a natural, free-flowing appearance that merges gently with the landscape.
  • A pleasing façade that is often trimmed with tidy wood pediments over doorways and windows, carved posts and beams, or brick-accented parapets (a low wall or railing on a roof).
  • A portico (patio) or small courtyard that is often partially obscured by adobe walls, offering a great place to entertain or spend a quiet moment in relaxing enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Add a touch of Art Deco, or minimize for a look of Art Moderne, and it’s easy to see why builders, renovators, and decorators so enjoy the virtually infinite possibilities of the Territorial style as a palate for robust, personal statement.

Territorial Colors: You’ll find these kinds of Phoenix homes for sale come in soft white, desert sand yellow, and easy sky blue to give a Territorial house just the right feel.

Santa Fe Style Phoenix Real Estate

When it comes to Phoenix real estate the Santa Fe is still a popular favorite. This style home began as practical living quarters for the Southwest’s original inhabitants, the Anasazi, over 3,000 years ago. The Spanish and Mexican residents who came later embraced the basic construction-clay brick covered with mud-but added their own influences. The modern Santa Fe style house, made of durable yet adobe-like stuccoed concrete, may offer any combination of the classic or the new, such as:

  • A flat roof with a framework of vigas and latillas (large timber ceiling beams and smaller wood poles laid across them) vs. a gable roof with barrel tiles
  • Kiva-style vs. raised-hearth fireplaces
  • Hard-surfaced floors of tile or brick vs. cozy plush carpet

The overriding characteristic of the Santa Fe house is a rustic warmth and enchantment invoking ancient tradition and the mysteries of the earth, a powerful force that each year draws thousands of visitors to the city of Santa Fe.

Typical features Phoenix real estate buyers might expect include:

  • A small courtyard to usher you attractively into the home
  • A portal (long porch) framed by decorative wood columns
  • Arched doorways Carved-wood doors
  • Vaulted ceilings

Santa Fe Colors: Deeply saturated, organic colors best adorn a Santa Fe-style house: rusty, blood-orange red; eye-popping turquoise blue; cheerful and dazzling gold-yellow.

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